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Armada Skis 2018

March 2017

Armada skis went back to the drawing board and have effectively reinvented their range for the 2018 collection.
Armada Skis 2018
Armada Skis 2018

We are happy to have Armada skis back in our ski line-up again for the 2017 New Zealand season.  Armada skis went back to the drawing board and have effectively reinvented their range for the 2018 collection.  Here is a quick overview of what Armada have been up to and have to offer.

The new Armada Tracer series:

Armada Tracer 98 & 108

Armada have taken the approach to this line with the knowledge that super lightweight skis don't and can't perform downhill as well as a ski with some weight to act as a shock absorber.  The Armada Tracer 98 is weighing in at 1800g/ski at 180cm and the Tracer 108 1950g/ski at 180cm.   At Gnomes we had the chance to ski these here in NZ and was blown away with their performance on all snow types.  If you want a backcountry ski that you will mount with some touring bindings but want it to be stable in resort and handle challenging snow then these are the skis for you.  Light, smooth, easy to pivot and holds a solid edge, a backcountry ski that is fun to be on all the time.
Armada Invictus Series:

Armada Invictus 89, 99, 108

The Armada Invictus range did exist last year but now have been updated for 2017/18, these changes have made vast improvements to performance.  While testing we went as far as skiing with one older model on one foot and one updated model on another and skied them both at the same time, it was evident to the skier and the following skier (observing) which ski worked best.  The updated skis were much smoother into and out of the turn making them more predictable, increased edge hold and tracking better throughout the turn.  The outstanding feature we loved most about the Invictus series is the tail shape, it's fairly wide with only a small flick (mini rocker) which locked the ski into a carve turn, there isn't many other freeride skis I have been on that have this solid feel.  AR Nose rocker helps drive the ski through uneven / challenging terrain and snow types.  All you need to do is pick your preferred width for the type of skiing you do.

Armada ARV Series

Armada Skis 2018
The Armada ARV 106 is a fun versatile freestyle ski

Another surprise was how the Armada ARV 106 handled a variety of conditions.  A true twin-tip with subtle rocker in the tip and tail and early taper makes for an amazingly good all-mountain freestyle ski.  Light, stiff under foot and softer tip and tails means the ski bites on ice while remaining playful and buttery.   If you want something more versatile than a true park ski check out the Armada ARV 106.   We also offer the Armada ARV 84 for the tween's, it comes in 156cm and 163cm which fills the void between youth skis and adult skis without breaking the bank.
Female Skis

Armada Skis NZ

Above is the Armada Trace 98 (female version of the Tracer) and Armada Victa 87 Ti (female version of the Invictus range).  Both looking super sharp for the female skier demanding performance from their skis.

If you have any questions on the Armada range, please contact us.