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Atomic Skis 2019

April 2018

Atomic have implemented new technology into their already popular Vantage range. Read our latest blog on the new Atomic 2019 range.
Atomic Skis 2019
The new PROLITE construction is clearly visible above

Atomic Skis have invented a new technology and construction method that reduces the overall weight of the ski while increasing its strength and performance.  The new Vantage all-mountain range is set to be better than ever and take off from where its predecessor left off.  You could say natural progression.

What Atomic have to say:

Atomic’s brand-new Vantage all-mountain range with Prolite – ski it, you’ll love it!

Lightweight strength for any terrain – with our revolutionary Prolite construction, the Vantage skis are setting new standards for all-mountain skis. Why? Because they are lighter, more precise, more agile, and more high-performance than ever before.

Our new do-it-all Vantage collection hits the snow with a variety of models for men and women – from a powder-oriented Titanium-packed Vantage with 107 mm underfoot to a precise 86 mm on-piste cruising and carving performer. Just go grab your personal Vantage and enjoy the ease!

PROLITE construction is the main ingredient in this evolution of Vantage skis.

So what is Prolite?

Prolite turns traditional thinking on its head. For the new Vantage skis, it starts with the slimmest possible chassis built around a central layer of Titanium Tank Mesh. Then it builds up reinforcements in areas where strength is required, e.g. along the edges. The result is a ski that’s genuinely more versatile than ever before – more agile and joyful to ski in all conditions – but also one that gives you incredible stability when you want to push.

For the 2018 at Gnomes we are starting with the Atomic Vantage 86 C at the narrower end of the spectrum, the C stands for Carbon Backbone, this reinforcement keeps the weight down while adding pop/life to the ski.  This is a very accessible ski for upper intermediates right through to advanced skiers who prefer to get on edge easily yet want to ski the entire mountain.

Next up is the Atomic Vantage 90 Ti and Vantage 97 Ti.  These models feature a titanium backbone which adds stiffness and dampening to the ski for a more athletic skier that carries more speed and aggression.  Obviously, the Vantage 90Ti is quicker edge-to-edge than the 97 Ti which offers a wider platform and better off-piste capabilities.

Top to bottom: Atomic Vantage 97 Ti, Vantage 90 Ti and Vantage 86 C

Last season in New Zealand we got to test the Atomic Vantage 97 Ti in the longer length of 188cm, the first thing that stood out was the torsional rigidity, the skis had the edge grip you would expect from a race ski, it was super solid at high speeds on groomers even on the firmest snow.  The rocker in the nose and flick in the tail combined with early taper means it could handle everything you would expect off-trail.  The Vantage 97 Ti is a stout ski with a stiff flex, this gives it the on-trail performance, at times (me: at 183cm & 83kg) it did feel a little long unless nuking through everything in you path.  The 180cm may have been the better choice for making more technical and deliberate turns.

It could be worth noting that the Vantage 97 also comes in a ‘C’ version (carbon backbone) which if you spend a majority of your time off-trail in freeride terrain or prefer a slower to moderate speed could be the better option as it’s a touch softer in flex.   We aren’t stocking the Vantage 97 C but can always order it in if your think it’s what you prefer.

We are also stocking women's specfic versions of the new Vantage range, these have all thae same technlogies as then unisex versions and also look hot.

Top to bottom: Atomic Vantage 90 Ti W & Vantage 86 C

Atomic Bent Chetler 100

Atomic Skis 2019
Chris Benchetler slaying pow on the original Atomic Bent Chetler

Atomic have grown the Bent Chetler family with the introduction of the Bent Chetler 100 model.  The original version of the Bent Chetler (123mm) is now evolved into the Bent Chetler 120 (surprisingly at 120mm) and features the new ‘Light Woodcore’.

The OG Bent Chetler has a cult following but with its wider dimensions it has always been suited to soft/deep/powder snow.  The new Bent Chetler 100 is very much a one ski quiver for any snow in any conditions at any time. 

The 100mm waist is classed a versatile width for freeriding and with that in mind Atomic designed this ski to rip icy groomers just as well as powder.  The rocker profiles aren’t deep like the 120 and are more tending towards variable snow conditions.  This could make for the perfect New Zealand freeride ski.

The ‘Light Woodcore’ has the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 weighing in at 1840g/ski in a 188cm, that’s lighter than most other skis in it’s category.  It’s safe to say the Bent Chetler 100 would suit a touring binding for backcountry use, and what would be a better match than the new Atomic Shift hybrid binding.

It comes in 172cm, 180cm and 188cm lengths and with a 21m radius in a 188cm it is suited to medium to long turns and shouldn’t have a catchy feel to it.  The ski also features a twin tip which you would expect when it is under the Bent Chetler name but the flex pattern points more towards directional skier.

This is an exciting move for Atomic to add a freeride ski that ticks many boxes and has the ability to be skied inbounds or backcountry.  Who’s it for?  We think a broad spectrum of skiers, from young jibby groms to old school freeriders that watched all the Warren Miller films as they came out.

atomic bent chetler 100