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Black Crows Skis 2019

June 2018

Black Crows is quickly coming up as some of the most sought-after skis on the market, see what all the hype is about in our new blog.
Black Crows Skis 2019
Black Crows are shaped by the master Julian Regnier

Last season was Black Crows grand debut into New Zealand. We were excited to see a brand of skis that are built for similar conditions to our own. Their touring and freeride options are first class, with constructions that are built to withstand a beating. Simply put, these skis are the tools you need to access the best terrain in the country.

Black Crows All-Terrain Series

Black Crows all-terrain skis are built on a platform that is great for varying conditions. They come in widths that cater to any skier, and any ski location. They have a great amount of power when pushed, but they retain a fun feel and are accessible to most abilities.

The profile of the ski is one of the reasons it’s so versatile. Traditional camber underfoot gives the ski great stability on harder snow, while keeping the ski lively. You can throw it on edge comfortably even on the iciest days. All of the skis have tip and tail rocker, making turn initiation a breeze while giving the ski great float in softer snow. By bringing the contact points back with a bit of tip and tail taper, these skis have a turn radius that gives them a fun carvy feel. It’s still long enough, however, to keep the ski from feeling grabby in variable and softer snow. We reckon it’s the perfect medium.

Coming out of Chamonix, Black Crows skis have a construction that is built with durability in mind. At the heart of the ski is a poplar wood core. This keeps the ski relatively light, but keeps the ski full of life with great rebound properties. You could easily mount any of these skis with a touring bindings as well. They use a fiberglass carbon kevlar mix on most of the skis to give them added support and dampening characteristics. A signature fat edge makes the likelihood of ripping an edge out far less and gives the ski an extended tuning life. The skis all have an ABS sidewall semi-cap stepdown. Large amounts of sidewall underfoot keep the ski planted on edge and reduce chatter, while lesser amounts in the tip and tail keep the ski maneuverable and playful. 

Black Crows Skis New Zealand

In the all-terrain line-up we brought in the Camox for men and the Camox Birdie for women. At 97mm underfoot they are quick edge to edge, but they still have plenty of width for deeper days. This is the perfect go anywhere, do anything ski for New Zealand.

Black Crows Big-Mountain Series

Black Crows big-mountain series builds directly on the all-terrain series, just adding wider widths. They get more off trail/powder specific by changing the profiles and materials slightly. Deeper rocker profiles and tapering offer better maneuverability in soft snow, and better float overall. By taking the Kevlar out of the fiberglass carbon mix, they keep the skis slightly softer in the tips and tails.

Black Crows Atris & Anima NZ

In the big-mountain range we have brought in two models. The Atris is Black Crows flagship ski. At 108mm underfoot, it is great anytime off trail. It’s still nimble, but gives you a little extra width for charging. This ski even carves some nice long radius turns when it finds itself on the occasional groomer. The Anima is the must have ski to break out whenever there’s fresh snow, or for you trips overseas. It’s 115mm underfoot, giving you the perfect platform for powder skiing. Unlike most powder skis though, it’s supportive enough for some icier and crudy snow. 

Black Crows Freebird Series

Black Crows Skis 2019
The Black Crows Navis Freebird is a lightweight touring ski perfect for NZ

The Freebird series is what really caught our eye with Black Crows. Taking from their all-terrain and big-mountain ranges, Black Crows has taken the same great shapes through both ranges and made them lighter-weight.
The secret ingredient in the Freebird is the mix of paulownia wood alongside the standard poplar. The poplar still helps give the ski support and durability, but the paulownia keeps the ski light. These skis rival for some of the lowest weights in their classes, while skiing much stronger and consistent than those at comparable weights.

The overall construction is shared much in part with its counterparts in the all mountain and big mountain ranges. These skis still utilize materials like ABS sidewalls and a fiberglass carbon matrix which gives the ski a powerful feel through any conditions you may come across in New Zealand’s backcountry terrain.

While these skis are offered in various widths, we have brought in the Navis Freebird for this season. At 102mm underfoot, it’s nimble edge to edge but still offers great float in softer snow. It’s a great balance for any type of snow.

Beyond Our Ski Wall

While we have handpicked what we believe to be a great blend of skis from Black Crows for any conditions you may come across, Black Crows does have other great options that you may not find in stock. If you want a specific ski that we don’t typically stock or have general questions, give us a call or flick us an email and we will be able to help you out!