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Dynastar Skis 2018

April 2017

Dynastar have had great traction with their Cham and Powertrack series in the past but for 2018 we see these replaced and compiled into the Legend X range.
Dynastar Skis 2018
The Powerdrive is a three-layered sidewall consisting different materials.

New models and technologies for Dynastar skis 2018

Dynastar have had great traction with their Cham and Powertrack series over the past few seasons but for 2018 we see these replaced and compiled into the Legend X range.  Before we even talk about the models let’s look at one of the biggest technology developments for Dynastar skis for 2018 which is their new construction called 'Powerdrive'.

Powerdrive Technology

Powerdrive technology was introduced to the ‘Speed’ and ‘Speed Zone’ series last year and made significant improvements to the way the ski felt and performed on firm snow.   Powerdrive absorbs vibration and acts like shock absorbers, producing an ultra-smooth ride that boosts control, edge grip and confidence.  This year Powerdrive has been adapted for the Free and All Mountain range of skis called the Legend X.

Here is a dissected view of the ‘Free’ version of Powerdrive: 

The Powerdrive is a three-layered sidewall consisting different materials.

1) Visco-elastic component, this softer layer absorbs vibrations bringing the ski to life. 
2) Paulownia wood inserts are lightweight and act like shock absorbers improving comfort and energy transmission. 
3) The external ABS component delivers superior power transfer and on snow feel.

Here is the ‘Race’ version of Powerdrive:

The main difference here is the second or mid-layer is Titanal instead of Paulownia as in the Free version.  Titanal directs more power and energy into the edge while dampening the ski making it more predictable at speed.  This is more suited to a ski designed for firmer snow.

Dynastar Legend X Series

Dynastar Skis 2018
The new Legend X range has improved sidecut and rocker profiles

The brand-new Dynastar Legend X 96 replaces the popular Cham 97, it has a refined and improved sidecut and rocker profile offering a superior balance from firm to soft snow performance.  96mm waist is the ideal blend to transition from off-piste back on to the groomers.  The titanal layer runs the length of the ski keeping it damp and predictable for a more powerful skier.  The weight is yet to be confirmed but we know it is lighter than its predecessor so can be mounted with and alpine binding or touring binding.  The new Powerdrive is built in to the ski adding that smooth ride on firm snow.  Altogether it’s lighter, smoother and has enhanced performance in all snow types over the former Cham.

The Legend X 84 is for the skier wanting to reach the whole mountain but prefers the quicker edge-to-edge feel.  The fibreglass construction makes the ski feel lively and easy to flex throughout the turn without being demanding.  Rocker tip and tail along with early taper make the ski easy to pivot in challenging conditions.  We also stock the Legend X 80 which keeps to the Legend X feel but designed for an intermediate skier helping to progress to the next stage.

Dynastar Legend W series

Just like the Men’s versions we have stocked the Women’s range in the same waist widths starting at the top with the Legend 96 W.   Built with a light wood core and Powerdrive construction every advanced or expert female skier is going to enjoy the effortless turns in all snow types.  These can be mounted with either alpine bindings for in-bounds or touring bindings to make a great backcountry setup.  The Legend 84 W is a true 50/50 ski while the Legend 80 W is an intermediate ski.
Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 TI

The Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti is full of race spec technology and built for hard snow piste performance.  The ‘Race’ Powerdrive smooths out rough snow acting like a shock absorber while the Titanal layer directs power through the edge for maximum grip on icy snow.  15m radius means the ski is extremely versatile, we even enjoyed it off-piste on firmer days.  The slight rocker in the tip helps turn initiation, meaning rolling the ski edge-to-edge was extremely easy without that catchy feel.   This ski is suited to a technical expert skier wanting to preform precision turns on groomers.
If you have any questions about the Dynastar range, please contact us for further information.