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Infrared Ski Wax

March 2019

New for Gnomes this coming season, we are now offering infrared waxing for high-performance glide properties and a longer lasting wax.
Infrared Ski Wax
The Montana Race Waxer is a tried and tested waxing method from the ski race world

What is Infrared Waxing?

This season Gnomes purchased a Montana Race Waxer, this is a machine that has been tried and tested in the ski race world and meets the needs of high-end skiers.  The machine has two Infrared heat lamps that pass up and down the length of the ski or snowboard multiple times to penetrate the wax deep into the bases.

Why Infrared Wax?

Simply, it offers better/deeper penetration of wax into the ski/board base.  This full saturation of wax adds increased glide for a longer period.  It also protects the base from abrasion from friction caused by rough snow crystals and snow contaminants.

The applied wax is heated evenly and without contact by means of infrared, this allows gentle, homogenous and deep penetration of the wax without condensation production.

Traditionally waxing is carried out with an iron that needs to be set between 120-130°C, but at 140°C the base will overheat and seal, resisting any wax penetration, errors can easily be made with such small tolerances.

Infrared Lamps

Infrared Ski Wax
The Race Waxer has two infrared lamps to penetrate the wax

The Process

Once your skis or board have been structured on our Montana Crystal Glide stone grinder the bases are cleaned and prepped for wax application.

A hydrocarbon wax layer is applied to the base using a low heat method, the skis will then be laid horizontally base-side-up in the Montana Race Wax machine.

The ski technician can control the speed which the lamps travel across the ski and how many passes are required depending on the type/hardness of wax and bases.  The wax is left to cool down before scraping and brushing to reveal the structure.

For racers or those seeking the ultimate performance this infrared process should be repeated with a high-quality fluorocarbon wax.

Who Benefits from Infrared Waxing?

Everybody!  Primarily glide is increased for longer periods of time but if you want to turn, pivot, slash, smear, slarve, carve even stop with ease then a infrared wax is for you.