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Rossignol Skis 2019

March 2018

Rossignol have completely revamped their new Experience range of all-mountain skis. Check out our summary on 2019 Rossignol skis
Rossignol Skis 2019
Above: Rossignol Experience 94 Ti , Experience 88 Ti and Experience 84 Ai

Rossignol have made some major changes to their popular Experience range for the 2018/19 collection.  The female specific line which was called ‘Temptation’ has now been renamed to ‘Experience W’.

Rossignol start off by saying “New skis, new moulds, new shape, new construction, new factory, new technology and new behaviour” this sounds exciting and shows we are actually looking at a totally revamped line.

How Rossignol sum up the Experience line: “Accept no limits - embrace the experience. Our brand-new EXPERIENCE range is packed with Race and Freeride technologies to guarantee both ultimate grip and perfect handling on piste, as well as allowing all terrain use, with no constraints and maximising comfort and the sensation of safety in all snow conditions.  Thanks to the new LCT and Air Tip VAS technologies, our playgrounds have no limits!”

Rossignol label the Experience and Experience W ranges as "All-mountain", this means they can hold a solid edge with max grip on hardpack snow/ice and handle up to 30cm of fresh snow with no issues.

One of the most exciting topics on the lineup is Rossignol’s new construction ‘LCT’ or ‘Line Control Technology’ this is a race proven build that delivers power and dampening by means of the ‘Power Rail’ that runs down the centre of the ski.  The Power Rail which is either made of Titanal (in the higher Ti model) or ABS, eliminates counter-flexing of the ski to deliver a smooth, constant feel ensuring dynamic control.

Rossignols race proven "LCT" (Line Control Technology)

A notable standout feature is the new 'Air Tip VAS', it looks like a toned-down tip from the Rossignol’s ‘7 Series’ freeride skis.  This new tip shape will allow better float in soft snow as well as easier turn initiation.  In our opinion this tip puts the “all-mountain” back into the new Experience range when comparing with its predecessor as it adds greater versatility.

The skis are shaped with a progressive sidecut which allows the skier to smear, slash or carve turns through all snow types.  It features plenty of standard camber to bite on hard icy snow, but the tip and tail shape mean it can be thrown sideways to control speed in variable conditions.

For the men we are stocking the Experience 94 Ti & Experience 88 Ti, these higher-end models feature the 'Titanal Power Rail' for a more demanding skier that usually skis with speed and aggression.  We will also stock the Experience 84 Ai (ABS Power rail), this ski is for a high-intermediate to advance skier that might not always want to be skiing like a bat out of hell.

rossignol experience 2019 range 94, 88, 84

Top to bottom: Rossignol Experience 94 Ti, Experience 88 Ti & Experience 84 Ai

For the more aggressive female skiers we are stocking the Experience 88 Ti W and for upper intermediate to advanced skiers Experience 84 Ai W.   For beginner and lower intermediates, we are also stocking Experience 76 Ci, the 76 Ci shares similar shaping to its big sisters but incorporates base technology.

rossignol experience w range 88, 84, 76

Top to bottom: Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W, Experience 84 Ai W, Experience 76 Ci W

Rossignol 7 Series

Rossignol Skis 2019
Above: Showing off Rossignol's Air Tip 2.0

The Rossignol 7 series is back and unchanged from last year which is a good thing (why fix what ain’t broke, right?).  The 7 Series went under some major construction changes for last season which included the new 'Air Tip 2.0'.  The Air Tip 2.0 is an extremely lightweight air-filled tip that is reinforced for high torsional rigidity.  This new tip further reduced swing weight and was incorporated in to the ski for a harmonic flex.

Two years back Rossignol formulated the HD construction which is now included in the name and construction of the Super, Soul and Sky.  This HD technology is a weave called ‘Carbon Alloy Matrix’.   The carbon and basalt weave with liner glass stringers adds a titanal like strength to the ski raising it’s performance across the board including grip and stability.

Rossignol use a Light Wood Core which consists of a durable Paulownia wood that reduces weight by 15% on other available cores.  This makes the ski playful, easy to manoeuvre and a great touring option with no compromise on the down.Rossignol use a Light Wood Core which consists of a durable Paulownia wood that reduces weight by 15% on other available cores.  This makes the ski playful, easy to manoeuvre and a great touring option with no compromise on the down.

rossignol soul 7 Sky 7 HD 2019 New Zealand

Top to bottom: Rossignol Soul 7 HD & Rossignol Sky 7 HD

Both the Rossignol Sky 7 and Soul 7 remain some of our biggest selling skis and for good reason.  Their rocker profiles allow you to ski in freeride terrain whether powder or effected variable snow with ease.  Strong camber and progressive sidecut keep the ski in check on groomers.  Go Sky 7 if you prefer the ski to be quicker edge-to-edge or go Soul 7 if you want maximum float and stability.

rossignol sky 7 w and soul 7 w new zealand

Top to bottom: Rossignol Soul 7 HD W & Sky 7 HD W