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Ski Hot Box Waxing

January 2018

We are now offering ski hot box waxing. Find out what exactly hot box waxing is and the benefits.
Ski Hot Box Waxing

Did you know it takes approximately 30 iron wax cycles until a ski base reaches full saturation?  One single hot box cycle is equivalent to 10 iron waxes.

What is a Ski Hot Box?

A ski hot box is a wooden insulated box that can be heated between 55°C - 65°C depending on the hardness of the wax being used.   Skis/boards are placed inside and regulated safely with a thermostat during a 4-6 hour period.

Why Hot Box?

Simply, it offers better/deeper penetration of wax into the ski/board base.  This full saturation of wax adds increased glide for a longer period.  It also protects the base from abrasion from friction caused by rough snow crystals and snow contaminants.

A hot box is also a safer way to saturate bases, a wax iron needs to be between 120-130°C but at 140°C the base will overheat and seal, resisting any wax penetration.

Hot box waxing Improves gliding performance

Ski Hot Box Waxing
Tawny Wagstaff (Kiwi speed skier) uses multiple hot box cycles


Once your skis or board have been structured we will ‘hot scrape’ the skis with a base prep wax (this is an optional extra) The ‘hot scrape’ cleans all the tiny hairs in the base from grinding as well as cleans and removes any contaminants.

A standard hydrocarbon wax layer is then generously applied to the base with an iron, the skis will then be laid horizontally base-side-up in the hot box.  The skis will sit in the hot box for 6hrs at 55°C.  The wax is left to cool right off before scraping and brushing to reveal the structure.

For racers or those seeking the ultimate performance this hot box cycle should be repeated 3 times in total with a high-quality fluorocarbon wax.

Who Benefits from a Hot Box?

Everybody!  Primarily glide is increased for longer periods of time but if you want to turn, pivot, slash, smear, slarve, carve even stop with ease then a hot box is for you.

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