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Black Diamond Avalung

Black Diamond Avalung


If you get buried in an avalanche the Black Diamond AvaLung could be the difference between life and death, it should be a part of every backcountry traveler's tools. When used in conjunction with a shovel, probe, transceiver, and experienced and capable companions the AvaLung will increase you chances of survival. By allowing an avalanche burial victim to breathe fresh air from the snowpack, which buys precious lifesaving time during a rescue. An avalanche beacon will help your rescuers locate you but the AvaLung allows you to breathe oxygen from the snowpack, otherwise when you are buried the air becomes oversaturated with carbon dioxide causing suffocation. This may be one of the most important pieces of life saving equipment you can wear when in avalanche terrain. Trusted by guides, avalanche control workers, patrollers and ski mountaineers worldwide.



Features & Specs

  • Allows avalanche victim to breathe fresh air directly from snowpack
  • Diverts CO2 away from fresh air intake
  • Ultra light weight 265gm size S/M
  • Comfortable sling


  • Small/Medium: 44kg - 73kg
  • Medium/Large: 68kg - 102kg


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