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Douchebag Big Bastard 90L - Black Out
Douchebag Big Bastard 90L - Black Out
Douchebag Big Bastard 90L - Black Out
Douchebag Big Bastard 90L - Black Out

Douchebag Big Bastard 90L - Black Out

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The Douchebag Big Bastard 90L offers easy access to all your gear with a sturdy construction and a huge main compartment. This luggage bag is your loyal travel packhorse. Designed to pack it all, this bag features a single motion opening that provides easy access to whatever you need. Mesh pockets along the inside of the bag and big sturdy wheels allow for smooth navigation while the hook-up system lets you easily attach your backpack for a lighter travel experience.

Features & Specs

Volume: 90 liters



  • Db Hook-Up system
  • Db Patented Rib Cage Technology



  • Main material: Polyester 600D / 1680D / TPE 500D
  • (Pure White: TPE500D all over)
  • Lining: Polyester 200D



  • Width (top): 40cm / 15.7in
  • Width (bottom): 50cm / 19.7in
  • Length: 24.5cm / 9.4in
  • Height: 87cm / 34.3in
  • Weight: 4.5kg / 9.9 lbs


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Luggage Buying Guide

Make your next trip hassle free with the best bags the industry has to offer. Check out our buying guide to see what the latest offerings are.

Ski and Snowboard Bags Ski and Snowboard Bags


Sleeves are the most basic option available. They usually hold a single board or pair of skis adn poles, and have minimal padding. They are great for keeping your gear stored in at home or for in the car use to the mountain. Because there’s no padding, we typically don’t recommend these for taking the gear on an airplane or any other transportation where it may be handled roughly.

Padded Sleeves

Usually identical in form to regular sleevs except these have an added layer of protection to give you some peace of mind when traveling. These are still no frills, but can go on bigger trips without damaging the skis/snowboard.

Roller Bags

Roller bags are hands down the most common choice now. These padded bags give you the protection your gear needs, extra storage, and are easy to get around. These bags range in size from 1 to 2 pairs of skis and poles or one snowboard.

Many of these bags come with enough room and compartments for boots and plenty of other gear. This will help you to maximize your checked bag allotment on the next trip. Let us know what you need to fit in for your next trip and we can help you decide what the best way to do it is.


Make sure you get a bag that is at least as long as your board or skis. You can buy a bag that is longer if you want to have more room for extra gear. Douchebag provides a great solution for having your bag sized exactly to your gear. These can roll down to any size, as well as into a small bundle for easy storage.

Backcountry Packs Backcountry Packs

Backcountry packs range in size and features. It is good to have the smallest size possible while still being able to access all your gear. Here are some of the important features to watch out for:

Ski/Snowboard carry

If you’re going to be spending any amount of time in the backcountry there is a strong likelihood of boot packing. Make sure your pack can easily carry your ski or snowboard. Most bags come with either a diagonal or a-frame carry for skis and a vertical or horizontal carry for snowboards. This helps to distribute the weight so that the gear is easier to carry uphill.

Front load vs top load

Top load backpacks are great for maximizing space. This is especially common in larger packs used for multi-day tours. You have one main compartment that stores most of your gear, and a few smaller pockets for other bits. Front load packs are great for easy access to gear. They have more compartments with more organization rather than one big compartment. It’s usually easier to find what you need in a front load quicker, but just a bit less space overall.

H20 Compatible

For long days out it can be handy to have a bag that is compatible with a hydration bag. This can save you from stopping often and taking your pack off to get water, and also helps keep the bag more organized generally. Make sure there is an insulated sleeve as well if you are using the pack in cold temperatures as the hose will freeze up otherwise.
Helmet carry

Generally touring or bootpacking with your helmet on can be hot and uncomfortable. An external helmet carry can be a great help in stowing your helmet without taking up any extra space in your pack.


All bags have various pockets for storing different things. Think about what you normally bring and where it would go in the pack. A good pack should have a spot for everything you need on the mountain.

Luggage Luggage

We carry a great range of bags from Douchebag for all your other travel needs. From backpacks, to duffels, to roller bags there’s something for everyone! With simple designs, impressive features, and timeless styles you’ll be traveling like a pro.

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