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G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm
G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm

G3 Alpinist+ Universal - 115mm

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This well rounded skin has received an update and is now better than ever! The G3 Alpinist+ is designed to have the best ratio of grip, glide, weight, and durability. They now utilize G3 scala technology in the tip to make breaking trail easier than ever. The tip connectors are self adjusting and fit wider skis easily, and the tail connectors lock solidly in place so you can focus on what's ahead.

  • No More Snow Creep: New tip connector with extended TPU tip and self-aligning stainless steel hands for a secure, lightweight connection and superior glide while trailbreaking.
  • Bomber Tail Connector: G3's low profile, elongated tail strap makes transitions fast and easy. The refined camming clip stays positioned on the ski, reduces wear and allows for easy adjustments.
  • Removable Rip Strip: Reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. New this year, if your glue gets contaminated on an epic traverse, you can remove the strip for extra adhesion.
  • Trim Tool and Skin Saver Included: Fastest and simplest trim tool available.
  • Premium Plush: Proprietary lightweight, fast gliding, supple yet super durable nylon plush.
  • All New Non-Toxic Adhesive: Updated adhesive features a refined formula engineered to let you do more laps and cover more terrain without having to worry about your skins.
  • PFOA Free: G3's new skin waterproofing treatment exceeds environmental standards.
  • Made in Canada: Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in BC, Canada.

Features & Specs

  • Nylon
  • Non-Toxic Adhesive
  • PFOA Free
  • Removable Rip Strip
  • Trim Tool
  • Skin Savers
  • Bomber Tail Connector
  • Made in Canada

Short: 161-177cm (263-334g)

Medium: 172-188cm (279-357g)

Long: 183-199cm (295-380g)


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Climbing Skins Buying Guide

Maximize your time in the backcountry with the best skins the market has to offer!

Skin Type Skin Type

Whether you're a skier or a splitboarder, there's definitely quite a few options out there for climbing skins. We have handpicked our favorites for durability, grip to glide ratio, and ease of use. Here's a few of the different types of skins you may look at.


Nylon skins are the best priced skins on the market and are very durable as well. They provide great grip, but do tend to be lacking in glide. These are a great choice as an entry level or pricepoint option.


Pure mohair skins are great for those looking to maximize gliding capabilities. However, they do lack the grip and especially the durability of nylon skins. These are almost solely used by skimo racers.


Mixed skins are the way most people tend to go. Usually they are a mohair nylon mix. This is the best balance between grip, glide, and durability. These make the most sense for people who enjoy touring on a regular basis.

Skin Maintenance Skin Maintenance

Skin savers are the best way to make sure the glue on your skin lasts over time. Keeping the glue from both skins separated keeps it from becoming tacky quickly and pulling apart. These simple sheets can be cut down to any size and don't take up any extra space.

Glue renew is a great option if you have skins where the glue is worn before the skin itself is out of life. This is a much cheaper option than buying a whole new set of skins. With a bit of time and effort you can restore your skin's glue to the original state.

Skin Wax keeps you going in funky snow conditions. It helps to shed snow and repel water giving better glide and keeping down on weight.

Skin Sizing Skin Sizing


Some skins are one length. These come quite long and can usually be cut down to any size ski. If the skins come in multiple lengths, they may overlap. If you do fall between two different lengths you can go short for weightsavings or longer for added grip.


Make sure to choose a skin that is at least as wide as the waist width on the ski it will be used on. For extra grip, take into account the widest part of the tip and tail as well. This will ensure as much of the ski as possible is covered once the skin is cut.

Cutting skins

Each skin comes with a cutting tool and a guide on what steps to take. Cutting skins can be quite a task if you haven't done it before. Read the skins instructing before cutting as each is different. We're always happy to take it on for you as well!

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