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Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 Set

Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 Set


A functional sock with an integrated heating element, the Lenz Heat sock 1.0 is the answer you have been looking for to keep you warm in the outdoors. The toe region and ball of the foot have a heating element that is connected to a lithium battery pack that is easily attached to the sock high up the calf. The ergonomical knit, shin padding, knee high length and arch support make this a super comfortable high-performance sock. Perfect for the person that suffers from cold feet, used in everyday footwear, ski boots, snowboards boots, motor bike boots or never for the person that is sedentary for any reason to help with circulation and warmth.

The Lenz Lithium pack RCB 1200 fits all models of Lenz heat socks, lenz heat vest and heat bandage 1.0. The battery attatches to the legband of the sock via press studs and then folds over to secure in place. The heat can be regulated with 3 different setting on the pack or changed to suit yourself via Bluetooth on your smartphone. This battery pack will give you 14 hours of heat, more than enough for a day on the mountain.

Gnomes Comments: The perfect companion for any cold day. Wear in your shoes, gumboots, work boots or ski boots.

Features & Specs

  • Machine washable
  • 49% Nylon
  • 29% Polyamid
  • 10% Polypropylene
  • 7% Merino wool
  • 5% Elastane
  • Toe & ball of foot heated
  • Anatomical fit
  • Moisture management
  • Soft toe seam
  • Knee high length
  • Size:


  • Small: 35-38 euro
  •  Medium: 39-41 euro
  • Large: 42-44 euro
  • Battery


  • 2x lithium RCB 1200 batteries  
  • Up to 14 hours heat  
  • 1 USB-charger 100-240 V with charging display  
  • Short charging time    
  • Flexible plastic case  
  • 3 heat settings  
  • Bluetooth compatable    



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