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Rossignol Pure Pro 90 W (2019)

Rossignol Pure Pro 90 W (2019)

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Offering a women’s specific fit and award-winning power, the Rossignol Pure Pro 90 W suits the female skier who wants supreme comfort, warmth, and support to help advance their skiing. Sensor Blade technology eliminates excess shell materials reducing weight, while keeping the torsional rigidity needed. The asymmetric shell directs power for optimal energy transmission, making this a boot that will enhance your on snow feel. The Women’s Slim fit is perfect for the anatomical female foot shape, while the women’s cuff features a shorter height and tulip shape that accommodates the natural calf shape. This will give you an increased sense of balance, comfort, and performance. Total comfort comes from the Custom Optisensor T3 liner with key fit zones and the Merino wool insulation, a natural regulator that breaths and keeps you totally warm and dry in any conditions. 

Rossignol stats: 

  • Flex: 100
  • 100mm Last  
  • Weight: 1840g (24.5cm)

Gnomes Fit:  

  • Forefoot: Medium / Medium-Narrow
  • Instep: Medium    
  • Heel: Medium / Narrow 
  • Weight: 1857g (24.5cm)

Performance Level:  4 5 6 7 8 

Binding Compatibility: Alpine, WTR/Gripwalk

Gnomes Comments:  Finally, a boot where the comfort matches the performance. 

Features & Specs

  • Polyurethane Shell
  • Polyourethane Cuff
  • Sensor Blade
  • PU Boot Board 
  • Women’s Optisensor T3 Liner
  • Merino Wool Insulation
  • Flex Adjustment
  • Diagonal Buckles
  • 4 Micro Buckles
  • 100% Aluminum Buckles
  • Adjustable Teeth
  • 40mm Power Strap
  • Power Warp Tongue
  • Canting 


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Ski Boot Buying Guide

Ski boot fitting is something we take very seriously at Gnomes. It requires a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to see you right. There are serveral factors to consider when fitting boots including but not limited to: foot shape, foot profile, size, ability, age, biomechanics, goals and previous issues. It is always recommended you visit us instore for a full custom ski boot fit.

Select your performance level Select your performance level


Below is our performance level guide.  Each ski boot we offer displays a performance indicator to help you select the correct boot.

  1. You have skied once or twice and enjoyed it so much you want to continue.

  2. You can master simple turns and stopping on the learner’s slopes, but still need more lessons to improve.

  3. Staring to link turns on the intermediate slopes and want to get to the next level as fast as possible.

  4. At the intermediate plateau, you are linking turns from top to bottom in good conditions, if snow conditions are not perfect you don’t feel as confident.

  5. You are linking turns confidently in most snow conditions on groomed runs, steeper terrain gives you some trouble, you mainly use medium speeds and medium radius turns.

  6. You can ski at variable speeds all over the mountain but deep snow, icy conditions, moguls and very steep slopes slow you down. You can use a variety of turn shapes.

  7. 80 % of the mountain is well within your grasp, with a great level of technique and style, you are thinking about spending more time off-trail.

  8. You are a confident skier in all conditions, you like to spend most of your time off trail at the club fields, or you love carving at high speeds on the steeper terrain on-trail.

  9. Expert skier in all conditions, you love the sport and ski hard and fast all the time.  You can attack all-terrain with aggression and top technique.

  10. Professional skier you don’t need us, you get paid to ski.


Foot Profile


Below is an example of our fit profile, every boot fits differently and every foot is a different shape. This guide helps determine which boot may suit your foot shape/profile. To guarantee the perfect fit please contact one of our technicians for advice.

  • Heel  Narrow, Medium, wide
  • Forefoot – Narrow, Medium, Wide
  • Instep – Low, Medium, High




All ski boots are measured in Mondo Point (centimetres). Locate your size in the chart below.  Note: Half (.5) centimetre sizes are the same fit as whole centimetres.  E.G. 27.5cm is the same as 27.0cm.



Custom boot fitting



Using the latest technology, we take a scan of the foot on a pressure mapping system showing us images that can’t be seen by the naked eye like weight distribution and anatomical structure of the feet. This can help us identify the areas you need support. Gnomes experienced technicians evaluate your stance, posture and bio-mechanical makeup identifying your foot shape, flexibility, previous sporting injuries and any problem areas that may occur within a ski boot.


We mould the custom footbed directly to the contours of the feet while you wait. The feet are the foundations of the entire body, therefore we must support them correctly, otherwise major problems will occur. Pronation and supination are normal bio-mechanical motions that the foot must do to perform correctly, when either of these motions becomes excessive they can cause foot fatigue, knee, hip and back pain, a Gnomes custom footbeds will prevent this from happening.  All foot types including neutral feet benefit from custom footbeds by improving comfort, performance and weight distribution while aligning the lower leg they decrease fatigue, impact and shock.

Boot selection

At Gnomes we have a large range of different fitting ski boots to accommodate all foot types, and abilities.   After your foot analysis your technician will choose a selection of a maximum 3 ski boots that are correct for your foot shape, ability, fitness level and future goals. Together you and your technician will the find the best fit.  Once the final boot has been selected you will add in your custom made footbeds and completed the following if needed:

Shell Modification

We may need to carry out some strentching to the plastic shell of the ski boot to accommodate the foot using our ski boot press this is a simple process and makes for a fully custom shell offering maximum comfort.


Liners can be molded and modified as needed in order to aid in initial comfort. There are also options for aftermarket liners that can have added benefits over the stock liners.


Once you have the correct ski boot for your foot shape, and custom footbeds supporting your foot in the correct way, we need to align the cuff for the correct weight distribution on your skis. Bearing in mind that some of the miss aliment happening in your lower leg can be caused from over tight or miss- balanced  muscles, your technician will work through a program that helps you to improve this. 


Additional Tips


  • Invest in a good quality technical sock that wick’s moisture away from the foot and offers padding where you need it the most. NO Rugby socks!
  • Only ever wear one pair of socks at a time.
  • Do not tuck thermals into your ski boots or socks, this can cause pressure points.
  • Work into your budget a custom footbed, this makes or breaks the comfort of the ski boot. The foot needs to be supported.
  • Almost everyone will NOT find a ski boot comfortable straight off the shelf, customisation will be needed!
  • Do not try on every ski boot in the shop as there are only one or two that will fit your foot type and it will confuse you in making a final decision.
  • Ski boots are snug, toes will touch the end when walking around in a ski shop. However this will change once in "ski postion" (knees bent)
  • Do not over tighten your buckles. If you feel the need to the boot is too big or not the correct fit.
  • Store your ski boot done up when not in use.

Bookings and Questions
If you have any questions or problems regarding ski boots fitting feel free to contact us expert advice.  Please call us on 03 3188 433 or email us to make a booking make a booking for your 1-on-1  appointment with a technician.


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