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Swix Rectangular Nylon Brush

Swix Rectangular Nylon Brush

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The Swix Rectangular Nylon Brush is great for anyone wanting the best finish on their skis or snowboard. This brush allows you to pull excess wax without disturbing structure, giving you the best glide possible.

Features & Specs

  • Medium bristle
  • Compact size
  • Long lasting


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Servicing Tools Buying Guide

From recreational enthusiasts to world cup athletes, keeping gear in top shape with the best servicing tools on the market has never been easier. These are some of the tools you'll need to get the job done, whatever that job may be.

Base Repair Base Repair


Repairing the base on your skis or snowboard not only saves you money, but can also become a fun hobby. This is best done on smaller gauges that are not all the way through to the base. Anything that reaches the base is best left to your local ski shop as regular p-tex won't quite do the job. P-tex comes in clear and black depending on what color your base is to keep it looking like new.

Ski Mender
The Ski Mender repair gun is a key piece in any advanced home servicing setup. The gun applies an even coat of P-Tex to the base to save time on extensive repairs.

Metal Scraper

Metal scrapers are necessary for removing excess p-tex. A plastic scraper isn't sharp enough to cut it.


Basic Sharpeners

If you're looking for a simple tool to keep your edges looking clean and give them a like extra bite, look at some of our basic edge tools. The Pocket Sharpener and the Duo Sharp are both great options that are easy to use and an inexpensive jump into edging. 

File Guides

File guides require a bit more knowledge and effort, but are the only way to go for high performance skiers. They keep the edges in the optimal state and do the most accurate job. These are available for side edges and base edges in varying degrees.

Diamond Stone

Diamond stones are great for preping and finishing edges. The coarse stones are good for taking burs off the edge before sharpening. The fine stones are great for polishing the edges after filing.


A good file is essential for base and side edges. A double cut file will make quick work and get rid of harsher damage, while a single cut will take less off and is a finer cut overall.



There are several different compounds of wax. Some of them are fairly basic and work in a variety of conditions while the higher performance waxes tend to be faster and temperature dependant. Here's a look into the different waxes on the market:

  • Rub-on and spray waxes provide a quick and easy solution for the everyday recreationalist. You don't need any extra tools for these and they can be brought to the mountain with you.
  • Universal wax is a great option for those looking to hot wax their own gear. It's a step above spray and rub on, but still keeps things relatively simple by giving you a wax that does a good job through all conditions.
  • Low Flouro (LF) wax gives you a very high performance finish that is catered to the conditions. They come in different temperature ranges in order to provide the best anti friction coating on the ski. Each temperature is a different compound to combat the snows structure.
  • High Flouro (HF) wax is for the people who just can't go fast enough. Especially when things start to warm up, HF waxes have the best ability to combat friction caused by water.


When buying an iron it is important to have one that can change temperatures and something that holds consistent heat. We carry a range from smaller compact options to larger irons with best in class performance.


A plastic scraper is the best option for removing wax. They are easy on the base, but do a great job of stripping the wax.


Brushes are the finishing touch to a freshly waxed base. The clean off any excess wax and get your bases in the best possible state before being ridden. Brushed come in a variety of bristle options for different purposes. We use mainly nylon for a perfect finish.

Vices Vices

Vices are a great addition to any home servicing setup. From basic options to set gear on to options with clamps, these will make your life that much easier! Basic options will give you a great stand to set your skis on keeping them flat, while higher end options will also provide extra stability to keep held down tight.

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