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Veriga Stop & Go 16mm (SUV)

Veriga Stop & Go 16mm (SUV)


The Veriga snow chain is a 16mm chain with two patented self-tensioning and self-centring “STOP&GO” devices. This mean it is not necessary to stop the vehicle and tension the chain after fitting, saving time. The diamond shape is made of special alloy steel with "D" profile links making for safe driving on snow and ice. Colour coded parts, together with easy to follow fitting instructions, make this chain quick and easy to fit. It is suitable for 4x4 vehicles, vans, utes, and light commercial vehicles. They come supplied in a comfortable and elegant semi-rigid carrying case with velcro that permits you to fasten it to the car trunk.

Features & Specs

  • 16mm Chain  
  • "Stop & Go" Self Tensionsing Devices  
  • 16mm Minimum Clearance Required  
  • Maximum 40kph  
  • Easy To Fit



Free shipping on orders over $99.
Shipping   Free NZ shipping on orders over $99

Snow Chain Buying Guide

Use the snow chain buying guide below to help you select the correct chains for your tyre size.

Find your tyre size

The best way to find your tyre size is to look on the sidewall of your vehicles tyres.  Here is an example of a tyre size.

The tyre size below is 205/65 X 15.  Another example of tyre size is 31/10.5  R15


Front or Rear?

In most cases:

  • Front wheel drives = Fit to front wheels
  • Rear wheel drives = Fit to rear wheels
  • 4 wheel drives = Fit to front wheels

Refer to your car's manual as some new SUVs/4WDs differ from situations above and must be fitted to the front wheels.  The only way to absolutely guarantee the snow chains are the correct fit is to try the chain on the tyre.  Follow snow chain manufacturers fitting guide and your car manual to guarantee correct fitting.

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