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Atomic Skis 2018

April 2017

We have witnessed great innovative construction methods from Atomic over the past couple of seasons. Check out our summary of Atomic Skis for 2018.
Atomic Skis 2018
Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI carves on groomers like a race ski

Atomic Vantage Series

Atomic Vantage Range 2018

Top to Bottom:  Atomic Vantage 100 CTI, Vantage 90 CTI & Vantage 95C

The Atomic Vantage range is a versatile all-mountain series of skis with a hint of freeride capability.   There are three main waist widths depending on what terrain you prefer, ranging from 90mm-100mm.   All models we stock are designed to carve a solid turn on hard pack but also allow the skier the freedom to access the entire mountain without compromise.

This series is constructed using Atomics’ Carbon Tank Mesh technology, a super rigid woven mesh that adds strength to the ski while reducing weight.  Another innovative feature is Atomics’ ‘Firewall’ sidewall, essentially, it’s a classic sidewall construction with grooves cut out underfoot that allow a natural flex, this increases edge grip on firm snow.  All Mountain Rocker is seen throughout the range, the 90CTI and 95C have 15% rocker in the tip and 10% in the tail, while the 100CTI has 20% rocker in the tip and 10% in the tail making it slightly more soft snow focused.

The Vantage 90CTI and Vantage 100CTI feature a titanium layer to stabilise the ski when pushed at higher speeds.  Both these models are suited to the skier that is a more aggressive throughout the turn.  The Vantage 95C on the other hand has a Light Woodcore and no titanium backbone, this keeps the ski much more manageable and playful.

Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI

The Vantage X range is a frontside ski with a slightly wider waist to add stability when the groomers are roughed up.  We have added the Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI to our offerings for 2017.  I don’t think there is another ski out there this light in the frontside category.  Initially we were sceptical about a light ski built for carving on firm groomers but, once we got them on snow we were blown away with how well this range performed.

The Vantage X series are constructed with the same methods as the Vantage: Power Woodcore, Titanium Backbone and Firewall.   The Vantage X also incorporates a new EXO Profile, this 3D profile reduces weight and adds torsional rigidity.  The Vantage X 83 Cti is fairly stout and requires good technique and drive to carve the ski through the turn.  It holds an edge on boiler plate ice like a race ski and we never found a carving speed limit.   The more energy applied to the turn the more you got back from the ski.  Light and agile with a hint of race pedigree, the Vantage X 83 CTI is one hell of a frontside ski.

The Atomic Backland 109

Atomic Skis 2018
Ally on the Atomic Backland 109 with Dynafit Radical bindings.

Atomic Backland

The Atomic Backland series are lightweight freeride skis designed with a soft snow focus but are still able to perform when things get firm.  The Backland 109 is constructed with a Light Woodcore and Carbon Backbone to keep weight down while adding pop and strength to the ski.   The Powder Rocker is 25% the length of the ski in the tip and only 10% in the tail, this gives the ski a directional feel.

The standout feature is the HRNZ tech, this boat hull shaped tip adds more surface area to the tip and decreases deflection while the Step Down Sidewall keeps the ski edge well planted on firm snow.  The Backland 109 can be mounted with either an Alpine binding for resort skiing or a lightweight touring back for backcountry use.
Atomic Punx 5

The new Atomic Punx 5 replaces the popular Infamous.  The Punx 5 has a shorter radius than its predecessor and more of a directional shape given the ski a better all mountain feel without losing its freestyle roots.   Park Rocker -  A slight early rise in the tip and tail allow for butters and catch free take offs.  A durable park ski at an affordable price.
Atomic Women's Skis

Top: Atomic Vantage 95C W & Bottom: Atomic Vantage 80CTI W

We stock the women's versions of the Vantage 95C for a more freeride feel and the Vantage 80CTI W for a frontside ski.  Construction matches back to the men's versions above.

If you have any questions on the Atomic range, please contact us.