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Boot Fitting

Boot fitting service

We specialise in custom ski boot fitting.  Our combination of experience, technical knowledge and technology provides you with the best boot setup, offering maximum comfort and control all backed with a guarantee.

Our custom ski boot fitting is in high-demand. We strongly recommend you book an appointment before heading to our store. This will give you a one-on-one fitting with an experienced boot technician.

gnomes ski boot fitting process

We are proud of our exceptional reputation in custom ski boot fitting. We have a technical background and solid understanding of biomechanics. Below is our 5-step process.

Step 1 - Analysis & Assessment

Here we measure foot length, fore foot width and instep volume.  We also take note of the foot shape, the way the foot functions and talk about any previous injuries.  Assessing your body in ski position is critical, making sure enough dorsiflexion is accomplished to be comfortable within a ski boot.

Note: We measure the foot in mondo point otherwise known as CM.  Ski boots come in 1 cm increments e.g. 26,27,28cm

Step 2 - Ski Boot Selection

We stock an extensive range of ski boots; it takes our buyers months to compile a new season collection.  We make sure we have plenty of options for all feet shapes, types, and ability levels, as well as different boot types, such as touring or alpine.  A boot technician will select two or possible three boots for you to try on.  Once a final model is selected the technician will talk through the customisation needed to finalise the fit.

Step 3 - Custom Footbeds

Your feet are the foundation of your entire body, we need to support them correctly. All foot types benefit from custom footbeds, they improve comfort, performance, weight distribution, align the lower leg while decreasing fatigue, impact, and shock. 

We take scans of your feet and analyse, pressure points and weight distribution.  These scans can provide critical data for both moulding footbeds and setting up your ski boot.  See more on scanning here.  Our technicians then mould the custom footbed directly to the contours of your feet with high definition.  We then add specific materials to reinforce the chassis, providing a solid foundation for the entire foot.

Step 4 - Customisation

There is a long list of final customising processes we can undertake to create the perfect fit. The main ones are heat mould liners, stretch or grind the shell to contour the foot better, cuff alignment, heel lifts and shims. Custom or aftermarket liners can be a worth while investment for those looking to enhance comfort and performance. Full boot canting is also an option for those looking to boost performance (see sole canting below)

Step 5 - Comfort Guarantee

For total peace-of-mind, we guarantee all ski boots we sell, combined with a custom footbed will fit comfortably. Its not uncommon for boots to require ‘tweaks’ after some skiing. If you are having issues with a boot purchased from us, you can come back to see our expert fitters, and we will carry out any additional work on the boots for free. We don’t simply send you out the door and say “good luck”. We are here to work with you, offering ongoing support.  Check out our Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee here.

THE technology

Our combination of experience, technical knowledge and technology provides you with the best biomechanical setup while offering maximum comfort and control.

Foot pressure analysis system


We are the only ski boot store in New Zealand armed with a computerised foot pressure analysis system to aid you with the comfort and performance needed for control and enjoyment on the mountains.


High-end modern technology
This high-end modern technology, used within the medical and podiatry industry, takes images of the underside of the foot by simply standing on a pressure mat. These images are then analysed by your gnomes ski boot technician to identify what is impossible to see with the naked eye.


Analysing the data
The images display to the ski boot technician the weight distribution and anatomical structure of the foot, identifying any support and movement issues as well as the biomechanical makeup of the foot and lower leg. The technician will then manufacture a pair of custom footbeds that enhance the posture and weight distribution within the boot, improving the support, stability, comfort, and performance and enabling the technician to resolve any previous comfort issues.


This scanning system has been a very important part of our boot fitting service for many years. All skiers will benefit from having scans and a custom footbed, from weekend warriors to seasoned pros.

Sole Canting



At Gnomes we have a state-of-the-art canting alignment assessment tool. The aim here is to make sure the sole of your ski boot is sitting perfectly flat, with even pressure across the soles. This then transfers to even edge pressure across each ski, providing better edging, performance, and control.


Our bodies are all shaped differently, and we might be feeling the onset of past injuries, leading to imbalances in our stance. The canting assessment tool allows us to find out exactly what canting wedges need to be fitted to the base of your ski boots for them to run flat, keeping our boots, knees and hips all aligned.


Once the plates are fitted to your boots and the sole blocks or lifter plates are installed, the boot toe and heel luges are then routed back to DIN norm to work safely in the bindings.

Boot Fitting Pricing

A full custom boot fit typically takes around 2hrs. To save disappointment, please book a fitting appointment at 03 318 8433 before arriving instore. A technical ski boot fit is extremely comprehensive and this requires a one-on-one appointment.

Custom Footbed + Scan

$ 229

Custom Footbed + Scan

$ 279

Comfort Footbed + Scan

$ 269

Comfort Footbed + Scan

$ 319

Pre-Moulded Footbeds

$ 79

Work per hour

$ 80

Canting Plates

$ 250 per pair


$ 25 from


You may find the answer to your question below (or above).  If not, get on the blower (03 318 8433) or flick us an email – – we’ll be happy to assist you.

We strongly recommend booking an appointment, but it’s not totally necessary.  Due to our reputation for custom boot fitting we are in high-demand.  We are often fully booked and can’t assign walk-ins with a boot technician.  By having an appointment you receive a higher level of service and makes for a better experience.

You need to contact us to make an appointment.  Due to the complexity and variables for each customer, we need to have a brief discussion on the phone or via email, in order to make an appointment and allocate the correct time slot.

The average full custom boot fit with custom footbeds usually takes around 2 hrs.  If there is complex issues or advanced boot fitting such as canting, boot fits can run into many hours or multiple sessions.

A boot fit is fairly intense, lots of decision making on your part!  A fit is usually about 2hrs, its best you come alone, unless your friends or family are also after ski gear.

We never offer discounts on current season boots.  The reason being we invest hours of time into our boot fits and with each boot being backed by our Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee.  You are in very safe hands.  “buy cheap, buy twice”

Do not buy a ski boot without them!  They are so important, we won’t offer our ‘Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee’ until you have a pair in your boots.   Make sure you budget for a custom footbed, this makes or breaks the comfort of the fit.

Yes, bring your current boots along.  It can help the technician see what fit you are used to and identify potential issues moving forward. 

Yes, bring your current ski socks along.  We will assess whether or not they are going to help with your fit process.  A thin but warm technical ski sock is very important for a good fit.

Almost no one will find a ski boot comfortable straight off the shelf. Customisation is nearly always required (footbeds and stretching to name the main ones)

Best not to try on lots of ski boots at multiple shops as there are only one or two that will fit your foot type.  It will only cause confusion in making your final decision.  Deal with a shop with technical and experienced boot fitters, that can advise you through the process, and can back their work with a guarantee.

Absolutely, they will.  Ski boots are snug and toes will touch the end when walking around in a ski shop. However this will change once in “ski position” (knees bent) with the buckles tightly secured.  Obviously the liner always snugs the toes.

Bookings & questions

Due to high-demand, our custom ski boot fitting service is appointment-based.  Please make sure you book in an appointment before coming instore.