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Fischer Skis 2019

May 2018

Fischer has been a pioneer in modern ski technology the past few years. Check out the entire 2019 range on our most recent blog.
Fischer Skis 2019
Director Ally Kerr on the Fischer Ranger 108 TI in Kicking Horse.

Last year was our first season carrying Fischer skis. After being blown away by their performance we are back with an expanded offering. They have produced some of the most versatile skis on the market the past few years. Fischer skis are built with some of the highest quality materials used in the industry, ensuring great value in any of their models.

Fischer Ranger series

The Fischer Ranger series is one of our favorite freeride offerings on the market. The line-up has a broad offering in both men’s and women’s that will suit a wide variety of New Zealand’s skiers.

Fischer Ranger New Zealand

2019 Fischer Ranger lineup.

One of the things that really separates the Ranger from other freeride skis is the weight. Each of the skis has a carbon inlay in the tip that keeps the swing weight low, while reducing chatter. Carbon tech keeps the body of the ski torsionally stiff and gives the ski plenty of life. The aeroshape design build gives the ski a supportive backbone but tapers off on the sides for a minimalistic streamlined finish. Don’t worry though, this is one series where lightweight has no tradeoff with performance.

One of the reasons that this ski is so good for New Zealand is the air tech titanium inserts that are used in the skis. These strategically milled pieces give the ski added dampness and edge grip for variable conditions, without adding tons of weight. This gives the ski the ability to blast through any type of snow. You won’t have to look at the conditions before heading out skiing anymore!

Fischer air tech TI technology

Fischer Air Tech TI technology used in the Ranger series.

The skis profile reflects its versatility. The ski has the perfect amount of camber underfoot. This is great for added support while carving and retaining the fun lively feel in the ski. A bit of rocker in the tail with freeride rocker in the tip give the ski a great surfy feel in softer snow, while making turn initiation a breeze. You’ll find the ski nimble edge to edge, but solid and planted once it’s on edge. The ski also has a bit of taper in the tip and tail. This gives the ski the ability to carve tighter turns when needed, even in longer lengths. It also keeps the ski from feeling catchy in variable snow, giving you great control at all times.

For the men’s lineup Fischer offer a Ranger 90 TI, 98 TI, and 108 TI, and the women’s comes in a My Ranger 89 and 98. The Ranger 90 TI and My Ranger 89 are great for someone who prefers a ski that will be quick edge to edge and carve well, but still will find themselves off-trail regularly. The Ranger 98 TI and My Ranger 98 are a great choice for someone who is just as happy on trail as they are off-trail. This is your best width for true 50/50 performance. The Ranger 108 TI is built to handle any off-trail conditions. Whether you’re floating in soft powder or charging through cruddy snow this ski will do it all. It also blew us away with how well it still carves even with a wider waist.

Whether you’re looking for a freeride machine, an all-mountain quiver killer, or a stronger than average touring ski we’d personally be happy to ski the Ranger anywhere at any time. This is one ski that you can’t go wrong with at any level.

Fischer RC4 and Pro MTN series

Fischer Skis 2019
A ski tester demonstrates the skis ability to be laid on edge.

Fischer Pro MTN series

The Pro MTN lineup is Fischer’s newest range to the market. These are targeted at people looking to do more on-trail carving but may find themselves off-trail here and there. For people that like a tighter turn radius but don’t want to be limited to solely skiing piste, this is the ski for you!

2019 Fischer Pro MTN 86 TI.

The Pro MTN shares much of the construction from the Ranger series. This keeps the Pro MTN light in its class as well, while still maintaining the same high level of performance. The mix of carbon and titanium allows the ski to be a lively carver through all conditions.

The shape of the ski is geared mainly towards carving. This ski has more shape to it than the Ranger and has contact points that are farther apart giving the ski maximum grip while carving. They utilize all mountain rocker in this ski which is subtler in the tip and tail. This allows the ski to still retain some flat and gives it a nimble feel but cuts down on the likelihood of chatter and instability.

While the Pro MTN does come in a variety of widths, we have brought in the 86 TI for this season. This gives you the perfect blend of a hardcore carver that can handle variable and softer conditions as well.

Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX

Fischer has long been known for their strong background in race, and the RC4 has always been an icon in the ski industry. For this season, Fischer releases the new RC4 The Curv DTX. This is the pinnacle in carving skis, and has all the latest tech. For those who prefer on trail carving, this is a ski with limitless performance.

2019 Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX.

This ski is built with a beech poplar wood core which has a great flex for a carving ski while being lighter weight than other options. They utilize free milled titanium through the ski that ensures dampness through variability on-trail. Air carbon construction gives the ski added life and edge hold. The ski also utilizes a newer technology, diagotex torsion TM. This carbon weave on top of the ski gives added torsional rigidity and allows the ski to snap back to it’s original shape quicker. This gives you added power out of each turn.

This ski utilizes Fischer triple radius sidecut. This gives the ski a consistent feel through all size turns. You can find yourself making tight slalom turns all the way up to high speed arcing GS turns. To get the best carving performance, Fischer uses their on-piste rocker. With the most minimal rise, it gives the ski added ease of turn initiation with maximum contact to grip it and rip it.

To top off the whole package, the RC4 has sintered bases which offers you the ability have the fastest skis on the market. They can absorb incredible amounts of wax. They also come stock with Fischer’s world cup tuning. You’ll be railing turns with this ski right off the wall!