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Rossignol BlackOps

April 2018

The Rossignol BlackOps are one of the most elusive ski ranges to date. What the hell are they? And how do I get my hands on a pair?
Rossignol BlackOps
Rossignol BlackOps comes in a 98mm and 118mm

Rossignol managed to keep this range of skis one of the most secretive and elusive ever in the history of ski industry.  The Rossignol BlackOps is a rider driven project that set out to build skis the way the pros want/need them to be.   It has been kept under wraps for a couple of years with only snippets of information out there.

Well now they are here and available at Gnomes.  The Rossignol BlackOps started out with the 118 which comes in a 186cm & 176cm.  The BlackOps 118 has the dimensions of 145/118/140 mm.  It features tip and tail rocker that keep the ski floaty and pivoty in the deepest snow.   With 5mm of tradition camber underfoot combined with a strong stiff flex you get a ski that grips on ice.Rossignol BlackOps 118 | New Zealand

We found the BlackOps 118 to be one of the best carvers for a ski of this width.   We had an absolute blast carving up early season groomers at Mt Hutt on this thing, it honestly felt 100-105mm underfoot.

As it is an athlete-driven ski the BlackOps 118 isn’t light, at around 2400grams per ski in 186cm it’s weight is up there.  Is this a bad thing?  No way!  This thing tracks well with little deflection in variable snow.  It also adds to its durability.

Suited to the hard-charging skiers of this world.  Pick the Rossignol BlackOps 118 if you find yourself in big mountain terrain and want a ski that can be playful when needed but can give you that solid feel when in full send mode.

What Rossignol have to say: Three years of validation under the feet of P-White and C-Logan.  Now available for public consumption.  This is the full send mode tool-of-choice for backcountry booters or big mountain terrain.  The ski that stays solid when all others call it quits.  You can’t mash big ass drops on anything less.  Stomp and smear.  Float and bounce.  Solid when needed.  Playful all the time.  Available in rawdawg OG proto graphic.

Rossignol BlackOps 98 broadens the range

Rossignol BlackOps

The latest edition to the BlackOps line-up is the new 98.  Built with the same hard-charging elements of the 118 but with a more versatile width.  Featuring less rocker than the 118 and a ton more traditional camber of around 12mm.  This ski grips like there’s no tomorrow.  Rossignol say it morphs into what ever you want it to be and we think it does just that.

The BlackOps 98 has a recommended mounting position that is farther forward than many similar skis in its class. This allows the ski to pivot well and maintain a freestyle feel, while still charging like a freeride ski. This is the first choice in all-mountain skis for Rossignol’s pro team. From groomers, to the park, and even in powder the BlackOps 98 is ready to take on anything the mountains have to offer.

The Rossignol BlackOps 98 dimensions are 130/98/120 with a weight of 2000 gram per ski.

What Rossignol have to say: The perfect platform.  A progressive all-mountain gunner.  Available in extremely limited quantities for 2018, this is a highly-functioning sociopath of a ski that morphs into whatever you need it to be.  Stomp and smear, Arc and carve.  Boost and blast.  Grease your ‘stache.   This is the full send mode do-it-all ski for the lines of C-Logan, P-White and JPV.  A legit quiver-killing weapon of one.  Just step in and give’er hell.


Rossignol BlackOps 98 | NZ