Ex-Demo Condition Guide

We rate our ex-demo and used skis using a 5-star rating system.  This helps give you the best idea of the general condition of the ski.  All skis have been priced accordingly e.g. a 2-star condition ski will be lower than a 4-star.


These skis are either never used or had under 4 days use.  Topsheets, bases and edges are like new with very minor marks.

These skis have been used around 5 days use, they will have light marks on the topsheet, and the bases and edges are in excellent condition.

Generally in good condition, these skis have had average use (around 10 days).  The topsheet will have marks and small chips on topsheet.  Bases and edges show signs of use.

These skis have been used more heavily, there will be lots of chips and marks on topsheets.  The bases may have had core shot repairs or more p-texing.

Topsheets looking extremely chipped or marked.  The ski may have suffered an edge repair.

All skis are fully serviced, this includes base grinds, p-tex filling, edges, structure and wax.  Topsheet chips are also repaired and sealed with epoxy resin if required.