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At Gnomes we specialise in custom ski boot fitting. Our one-on-one personal service uses a cutting edge, computerised pressure mapping analysis system, aiding our experienced technicians to hand craft your footbeds.  Our combination of experience, tecnical knowledge and technology provides you with best biomechanical setup while offering maximum comfort and control.

Computerised Foot Pressure Analysis System

We are the only ski boot store in New Zealand armed with a computerised foot pressure analysis system to aid you with the comfort and performance needed for control and enjoyment on the mountains.

This high-end modern technology, which is used within the medical and podiatry industry, takes images of the underside of the foot by simply standing on a pressure mat.  These images are then analysed by your personal ski boot technician to identify what is impossible to see with the naked eye.

The analysed images show the ski boot technician the weight distribution and anatomical structure of the foot, identifying any support and movement issues as well as the biomechanical makeup of the foot and lower leg.  The technician will then manufacture a pair of custom footbeds that enhance the posture and weight distribution within the boot, improving the support, stability, comfort and performance and also enabling the technician to resolve any previous comfort issues.

We are stockists of all major ski boot brands and have a large selection of boots suitable for all foot shapes, sizes and abilities, including alpine and touring.  Every skier and snowboarder will benefit from this system, from your weekend warrior to your seasonal pro.

Ski Boot Fitting

Why Choose Gnomes for Your Custom Boot Fitting Needs?

Here’s 8 Great Reasons

  • Latest technology: Computerised pressure mapping analysis system
  • Professional and experienced ski boot technicians
  • One-on-one consultations available
  • Every boot sold comes with our full 'Ski Boot Comfort Guarantee'
  • Precise ski boot alignment
  • We share our ski fitness program so you get maximum benefit from your new boots
  • Free adjustments for the life of your new ski boots
  • We specialise in problem feet
Ski Boot Fitting


The feet are the foundation of the entire body, therefore we must support them correctly otherwise problems will occur.  Our technicians mould the custom footbed directly to the contours of your feet.  All foot types benefit from custom footbeds, they improve comfort, performance and weight distribution, align the lower leg while decreasing fatigue, impact and shock.  We use specific materials to reinforce the chassis providing a solid foundation for the entire foot.


Boot Selection

At Gnomes we offer a large range of different fitting ski boots to accommodate all foot types, abilities and skiing disciplines. After your foot analysis there will be a maximum of 3 boots that fit your profile, foot shape, ability, fitness level and future goals.  Together with your technician we will find the best fit. Once the final boot is selected your custom footbeds will be made and fitted to your boots, from here extra customisation maybe be required.

Boot Selection

Shell Modification

Ski boot stretching or “punching” is a common process that makes a massive difference when it comes to the perfect fit.  The shell of the ski boot is heated until it softens, then placed on boot press until it cools.  In some cases an internal hydraulic stretcher may be used.

Most ski boots will need a stretch of some kind to get the perfect fit, the most common ares to be stretched are inside ankle bone and the "6th toe".

Shell Modification


In some cases, adapting the existing liner with additional materials or upgrading to an aftermarket custom liner for ultimate comfort and performance is necessary.

The ZipFit liner is the highest-performing liner on the market, made with cambers filled with cork and oil, the ZipFits produces a snug fit that breaks-in not packs out.


Boot Alignment (Canting)

Once the correct shell has been selected and a supportive custom footbed has been produced we will look at the ski boots cuff alignment (canting).  We can do this by shifting/adjusting the cuff at the rivets that connect it to the ski boot clog.  In some cases, canting wedges can be added inside the boot if further correction is needed.

The perfect solution here is you boots run perfectly flat to the ground/snow helping you edge.

Boot Alignment (Canting)

Body Alignment

Sometimes your body’s misalignment and comfort level within a ski boot is due to muscle imbalances like tight or weak muscles. The Gnomes team will give you a programme that will help improve this, from there your skiing technique, comfort, control and muscle fatigue will improve.

Body Alignment

Ski Boot Tips & Tricks

  • Invest in a good quality technical sock that wick’s moisture away from the foot and offers padding where you need it the most. NO Rugby socks!
  • Only ever wear one pair of socks at a time.
  • Do not tuck thermals into your ski boots or socks, this can cause pressure points.
  • Work into your budget a custom footbed, this makes or breaks the comfort of the ski boot, the foot needs to be supported.
  • Almost everyone will NOT find a ski boot comfortable straight off the shelf, customisation will be needed!
  • Do not try on every ski boot in the shop, as there are only one or two that will fit your foot type and it will confuse you in making a final decision.
  • Trust your experienced ski boot tecnician.
  • Ski boots are snug, toes will touch the end when walking around in a ski shop, however this will change once in "ski postion" (knees bent)
  • Do not over tighten your buckles, if you feel the need to, the boot is too big or not the correct fit.
  • Store your ski boots buckled up when not in use.
Ski Boot Tips & Tricks


Boot Check


Custom Footbed + Scan (boot purchased at Gnomes)


Custom Footbed +Scan (boot purchased elsewhere)


Custom Comfort Footbed +  Scan (boot purchased at Gnomes)


Custom Comfort Footbed +  Scan (boot purchased elsewhere)


Pre-Moulded Footbed


Work/hr (boot purchased elsewhere)



If you have any questions or problems regarding ski boots fitting, feel free to contact us expert advice. Please call us on 03 3188 433 or email us to make a booking for your 1-on-1 appointment with a technician.


Sale Lange XT Free 110 W LV (2019)
Lange XT Free 110 W LV (2019)
Zip or 4 x payments of $239.98
Sale Lange RX 110 W (2019)
Lange RX 110 W (2019)
Zip or 4 x payments of $179.98
Sale Lange RX 100 (2019)
Lange RX 100 (2019)
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Tecnica Mach1 130 MV (2019)
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