Ski Workshop

Skis and snowboards are constructed using advanced processes with hi-tech materials to produce optimum on-snow performance.   General use will damage the bases, dull edges and remove wax from the bases leaving the skis running a little sluggish and unable to edge.  Your skis need to be serviced by a fully qualified ski technician who can produce that same factory finish using hi-tech machinery.  Check out our list of servicing and prices below.

Race Tune $90-

For race performance, what’s included: Base grind, P-tex base, race structure stone grind, hand tune edges to custom angle with diamond file & iron hot-wax using fluorinated race wax.

Full Service with extensive P-tex repairs from $75-

For skis that have seen better days, what's included: Base grind, edge sharpen, p-tex all damage to bases, structure stone grind, de-tune & iron hot-wax.

Full Service with minor P-tex repairs $60- 

Make yours skis new again, what’s included: Base grind, edge sharpen, p-tex major gauges, structure stone grind, de-tune & iron hot wax.

Basic Service $40- 

Just a tickle up, what’s included: Base grind, edge sharpen & iron hot wax.

Iron Hot Wax $20- 

The good old fashion way: You can’t beat a Iron hot wax for longevity. 

Base Patch from $25-

For serious gauges: Cut out damaged material and epoxy resin back new patch. 

Edge Repair from $25-

For blown out edges: Straighten or cut and replace damaged edge patch will also be required. 

Delaminating Repair from $10-

For when things fall apart: We use epoxy resin to glue your skis up and make them water tight again. 

Binding Mount $60-

Binding mount or re-mount including plugging old holes, if we do not have jig in stock add extra $10-

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