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Skis and snowboards are constructed using advanced processes with hi-tech materials to produce optimum on-snow performance.   General use will damage the bases, dull edges and remove wax from the bases leaving the skis running a little slow, harder to manoeuvre and edges that don't bite/grip.  Your skis need to be serviced by a fully qualified ski technician who can produce that same factory finish using hi-tech machinery.  Check out our list of servicing and prices below.

Workshop Services


Full Service

from $60

Make your skis new again, what’s included: Base grind, p-tex gouges, edge sharpen, edge polish, structure base (stone grind) & iron hot wax.


Basic Service


Just a tickle up, what’s included: Base grind, edge sharpen & iron hot wax.  Best saved for kids gear and older planks.  Bases are left with a belt finish only.



Iron Hot Wax


The good old fashion way: You can’t beat a Iron hot wax for longevity.  An iron hot wax opens up the base pours so the wax lasts longer giving a better glide for longer.


Major Repairs


from $25

For serious damage: Straighten or cut and replace damaged edge and/or cut out damaged base material and resin in new patch.



from $10

For when things fall apart:  Using epoxy resin to glue your planks back together and make them water tight.


Topsheet Repairs

from $10

We can repair damage to your ski or board topsheet usig epoxy resin.  This will prevent further damage and protect your equipment from snow/water.



Ski Binding Mount


Have our qualified ski technicians professional mount your ski binding (or re-mount including plugging old holes).  If we do not have jig in stock add extra $10 to the price.


Climbing Skins Cut & Trim


We can cut & trim your ski climbing skins precisely for maximum grip while just exposing the edges for grip when you really need it.


Let's talk tech

Base Structure

Base structure makes a ski glide faster and turn improving control.  Ski and snowboard base structure reduces suction/drag by breaking up and displacing the layer of water between the base and snow.

As the base passes across the snow heat is created caused by the friction. The heat in turn, melts the snow causing a layer of water.   A small layer is needed to enable the ski to glide but too much water which is often the case in New Zealand temps can create too much drag and reduce the skis speed.

At Gnomes we have new hi-tech machinery capable of producing World Cup level structure and workshop technicians with years of experience and knowledge.

We can produce many types of structures even though we have a general recipe that works for a broad spectrum of snow types if you need something specific for your race skis please ask.

Base Structure

If you have any questions regarding ski servicing, feel free to contact us for expert advice. Please call us on 03 318 8433 or email us.