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Meet the Le Bent Elyse Saugstad Pro sock your feet will love you for it.  Using Le Bent’s renowned merino/bamboo rayon mix, they wick moisture, cut out odour, keep warm, and take a beating. The silicone ankle strips and silicone rings around the leg cut out any rubbing while touring, protecting you from unwanted blisters. The 360º Cuff keeps them high on the leg and out of the boot. Toe Box Cushioning provides another layer of protection as well. Strategic Mesh Ventilation ensures great temperature control even on the big missions. After you’ve invested in all your other gear, don’t skimp on the socks!

Definitive Fit
Elastics & strategic stitching provide targeted support in all the key areas.

Silicone Sock Lock + Stay Up Cuff
Thoughtfully placed internal silicone grip and 360º cuff so they stay up all day.

Silicone Heel Lock
No-slip silicone grips on the heel to keep your foot locked in place.

Mesh Breathability Zone
For maximum moisture wicking and temperature control.

Toe Cushion + Ghost Seam
Additional padding for your foot fingers, keeping them snug with zero annoying rub.

Semi Compression Zone
Semi compression in the calf & shin area to aid in recovery after hours breaking trail. 

Additional Features:

  • Odour Control
  • No Itch Technology
  • Temperature Regulating
  • UV Protection


  • Rayon from Bamboo – 27%
  • Merino Wool – 19%
  • Nylon – 51%
  • Elastane – 3%

Choose your items confidently by reading our buying guide.

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We are a team of passionate skiers, our lives are entangled in a world of snow, mountains & ski paraphernalia. Take a look at how we can help you.

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buying guide

Useful guidelines to assist you when buying your gear.

Buying guide

Socks are one of the critical pieces of a proper functioning setup, yet nearly always misunderstood. That thick warm sock you love for lounging around home won’t provide the same result while skiing or snowboarding.

Casual Winter Socks

For casual use in winter or in winter boots, a mid-weight sock works well. This will keep you warm without being excessive.

Ski and Snowboard Socks

Because of the necessary technical nature in the fit of ski and snowboard boots, a thin sock is critical. If you try to wear a thick sock you’re more likely to get cold due to pressure points causing reduced blood flow. Newer liners in boots are very warm, the sock is just there to keep your foot dry and comfortable. Make sure to base the size of the sock on the ski boot size rather than your shoe size (usually smaller than the shoe size) in order to avoid wrinkling.

Heated Socks

Heated socks can be a great option for those with poor circulation or who run cold. They are definitely a game changer! Newer technologies give long lasting warmth without any bulk. These things are way less hassle than your single use toe warmers. If you are considering using these in a ski boot have a chat to one of our boot fitters about other boot specific heat options that could be available for you.

The socks we sell are all designed to regulate temperature while keeping the feet dry.

Merino – the best option for a winter sock. It wicks moisture, insulates very well, and cuts down odor. Because of all this you can typically get a few wears out of a pair before they need a wash, saving you space on your next trip. For this reason we hardly stock any socks without it!

Nylon and Bamboo – used as strengtheners in most socks. Wool on its own is not always durable enough, but when mixed with other fibers you have a combination that is technical and durable.

Spandex – added into socks to give them a wrinkle free fit that hugs the foot. This is important in footwear that is technical fitting in order to keep the fit close to the foot.

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