Le Bent Geo Midweight Crew Womens – Potent Purple


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The Geo Midweight Crew from Le Bent is the perfect soft feeling next-to-skin base layer. The no-itch technology of the 260g Signature Merino Blend feels great and provides exceptional thermal support and temperature regulation, making it ideal for tackling the coldest alpine days or casually navigating town during early mornings or late-day après. With 4-way stretch, scoop bottom, offset shoulder panels, and flatlock stitching. These features ensure that the layer seamlessly works in harmony with your body, delivering both functionality and comfort.

Features & Specs:

Materials: Rayon from Bamboo 66.5%, Merino Wool 28.5%, Elastane 5%
Weight: 260gsm 
Fit: Base layer slim silhouette if using only as a base /next to skin layer stay in normal size or upsize for casual wear.

Merino Wool and Rayon from Bamboo
Le Bent’s unique blend of materials came from an idea to challenge the status quo. Unsatisfied with the feel and fit of what existed before, they used experience, technology and a helping hand from science to craft their Signature Blend. The benefits are unrivalled. They need no introduction, just a helping hand or foot to come together. On paper, it’s an unlikely romance – merino and bamboo. Although the latter is technically a grass, and therefore beloved by the former…  What makes the two materials so compatible is their differences. Individually rayon from bamboo and merino wool are world-class materials, but combined, they form a bespoke yarn that redefines what we thought was possible in a fabric.

No Itch Technology
Rayon crafted from bamboo has a luxurious softness similar to silk and cashmere, and a springiness you’d expect from the almost elastic plant. The fibres are smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. Those with irritations to merino tend to have no reaction to our Signature Blend. It’s itch free comfort, so soft and comfortable you’ll want to sleep in it. 

Temperature Regulating
A powerful insulator that naturally regulates body temperature in all conditions, warm in the cold and cool in the heat. The air trapped inside the micro fibre gaps retain and regulate the thermal energy created by the body. As the body heats up, any moisture is evaporated, cooling the air between the skin and fabric. A natural thermostat that leaves you regulated day in day out.

Keeps you dry + UV Protection
Rayon from bamboo and merino provide a leading wicking agency. The fiber cross-sections are covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric leading moisture absorption and ventilation properties. Naturally moves sweat away from the skin leaving you drier longer.

Odour Control
Helps control odour producing bacteria by delivering a dry, moisture free environment that keeps you hygienic and odour free even when worn multiple times.

Additional Features:

•    Contoured lifestyle fit
•    4-way stretch
•    Scoop bottom
•    Flatlock Stitching
•    UV50+ Sun protection


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