Lenz Heat Mitt 6.0 – Unisex


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Let cold hands be a thing of the past, with the Lenz Heat Glove 6.0 Finger Cap Mitten providing warmth to the entire fingers and back of hands for up to 10hrs comfort. The rechargeable Lenz lithium batteries (sold separately) are attached securely to the mitten by press studs and the heat elements are easily controlled via a free downloadable Lenz app on your smartphone. Primaloft® insulation and Hipora® waterproofness offer reliable protection against the elements. Whether you are venturing to extreme conditions or just generally suffer with cold hands then a heated mitten from Lenz is a great choice. The Lenz heated mitten helps by generating active warmth, which allows your body to use significantly less energy to retain its comfort temperature. This increases your efficiency and ability to concentrate in cold temperatures and the risk of injuries decreases. 
Match With:
Lenz Lithium Battery Pack RCB 1200
Lenz Lithium Battery Pack RCB 1800
Lenz Lithium Battery Pack RCB 2000

Features and Specs:


Shell: 50% Goat leather, 47% Polyester, 3% Polyurethane. Lining: 100% Polyester

Waterproofing: 10K


The world’s best synthetic insulation alternative. PrimaLoft® insulation is soft, water resistant, warm without bulk, breathable, lightweight, and packable. Ultra-fine microfiber insulation designed to provide the highest level of combined warmth, water-resistance, softness and compressibility.


Has 4 seemingly contrary characteristics which are moisture permeability, water resistance, breathability, and water repellence. Hipora® has solved the biggest problem inherent in the conventional waterproof film. It has the secret in the unique polyurethane coating technology. That is numerous numbers of micro pores are placed all over the polyurethane coated film. They shut out the water from the outside but allow the moisture from the body to be released. 

Additional Features:

  • Unisex heated mitten
  • Compatible with all Lens lithium packs (sold seperately)
  • 4-way stretch material
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Elastic safety loop
  • Free Lenz app

Choose your items confidently by reading our buying guide.

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buying guide

Useful guidelines to assist you when buying your gear.

Buying guide

We’ve all had the experience of cold hands and it sure can ruin a day quickly! Our buying guide will show you the steps on how you can make sure you’re all set for any conditions you come across.

Gloves – usually more common than mitts and provide extra dexterity making any use of your hands easier. With modern day insulation they are nearly as warm as a mitt.

Mitts – still the ultimate in warmth at the end of the day. Newer technologies have also made it possible to make mitts in low profile packages that aren’t too limiting in hand motion.

Trigger Mitts – a great combination between gloves and mitts. These keep your pointer finger and thumb separated as individuals, while keeping your other three fingers together in a mitt type fashion. This gives warmth like a mitt with some added dexterity.


Insulated gloves/mitts make up the majority of the market. They range in warmth level, waterproofing, profile, and materials.


Liner gloves are designed to add a thin extra layer under your gloves and mitts, or to be worn on their own casually in the colder months. Most liner gloves are touchscreen compatible. If you are using them under other gloves consider a merino option as they will not only insulate well but will also wick sweat away keeping your hands dry.


Heated mitts are a great option for those who tend to get cold hands or who have circulation issues. These can help solve a lot of problems without the hassle of hand warmers and constant breaks from skiing. Even with the rechargeable batteries connected they are no bulkier than a traditional mitt.

Body Materials

The outer shell of the glove/mitt can be made of many different materials. Most options are synthetic that is reinforced in places. Many of these start to become reinforced with leather in areas like the palm and fingers further up the line. On the highest end, most gloves/mitts come built with a full leather body giving them the best durability possible. You can expect a glove/mitt like this to last a few more seasons than a synthetic option, making them pay off over time.

A full leather glove can be a great option to use on tow ropes as they are tougher and usually have less seems. However using a glove protector will still give the glove an extended life. Any use of tow rope will result in a void of manufacturer warranty with any brand.


Each glove/mitt brand uses different types of insulation. Typically in a more basic glove the insulation is less technical and takes more fill to give the warmth needed. This can result in a bulkier glove/mitt. Techier insulation such as Primaloft allows great insulation in much smaller layers resulting in a low profile glove/mitt that is warm enough for the coldest days.


While most gloves/mitts have a DWR coating to add water resistance, getting something with a water proof layer is important. Your hands can easily get wet when you’re on the snow and that results in cold hands quickly. Gore-Tex and other proprietary waterproofing is a great way to ensure your hands stay dry all day!


Gloves/mitts are usually designated between gauntlet style cuffs and short cuffs. Short cuffs are usually less bulky and go under the sleeve of your jacket. Gauntlet style cuffs are much longer and gaiter over the top of the jacket. This usually comes down to a personal preference. Gauntlet style cuffs usually also have wrist gaiters which are an extra aid in keeping snow out of your gloves/mitts.

Hand warmer pockets

Most gloves/mitts have a pocket on top so that you can place handwarmers in the glove comfortably. This is much better than holding the handwarmer in your palm as it allows for better grip and it is warmer while it sits against main blood flow to your hand.

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