ZipFit Gara LV



As one of the most versatile aftermarket liners around, the ZipFit Gara LV serves as the perfect replacement for worn, packed out liners or for skiers wanting the most dialled in fit possible. Designed for low to mid volume shells, the interior features neoprene and just the right amount of padding for all-day comfort and performance. The neoprene toe box conforms easily to a range of forefoot shapes, keeping you securely in place with the added benefit of warmth thanks to added merino wool and Thinsulate. Adding in both a powerstrap and laces, there’s no chance of extra movement. As with all Zipfit liners, it features the exclusive thermally moldable OneMinuteFit© pre-packed volume molding composite of granulated-cork and proprietary binders. This helps provide the optimum viscosity-and-density that self-molds automatically and continuously to provide uncompromising comfort, warmth and support. Charge through bumps and rips the groomers confidently with the Gara LV.

The Gara LV liner is pre-packed with a moderate amount of OneMinuteFit self-moulding cork composite. While the Gara LV comes pre-packed with less cork, skiers can add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit.

Features & Specs:

Laces and power strap
Designed to keep your heel and midfoot in place, the lacing system and power strap align your foot within the liner.

Neoprene toe box
A flexible toe box conforms to your forefoot, regardless of the width. With your foot secure in place, this toe box design allows for toe movement, keeping your feet warm.

Merino wool and Thinsulate
ZipFit toe boxes are insulated with Thinsulate and real merino wool, keeping your toes warmer while still promoting breathability.

Adjustable cork pouches
Three cork pouches in each liner (located behind the top of the tongue and on either side of the instep) allow you to adjust the cork fill to dial in your perfect fit.

Neoprene lining
3mm neoprene lines the interior of this ZipFit, adding a nice element of cushioning without sacrificing the performance of your fit.

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