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Marker Crampon

Marker Crampon

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The Marker crampon is a tailor-made, super-light, anodized aluminium crampon for the F10, F12, Baron, and Duke bindings. Contrary to other systems, the mounting position of the crampon on these bindings is right under the arch in order to provide maximum pressure and to optimize hiking stability. These crampons come with adaptors for both traditional and EPF Marker frame bindings.

Features & Specs

  • Lightweight
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • 6 Points
  • Compatible with Standard and EPF Bindings
  • Size: 106mm and 120mm


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Ski Crampon Buying Guide

Ski binding and ski boot crampons give you the ability to be prepared for New Zealand's ever changing conditions. Make sure you're ready for whatever you come across on your next adventure!

Ski Binding Crampons Ski Binding Crampons

Ski binding crampons work by lifting as you drag the ski across the ground, then piercing through the snow and ice when you step down to give you the best locked grip possible. These are specific to each binding. Choosing one is as simple as figuring out what binding you're using and matching it back to the crampon. Choose a size that is wider than the width of your ski. Crampons don't have any give in the width, so it's important to have enough. 

If you don't see a crampon that is compatible with your current binding, just let us know and we can help you out!

Ski Boot Crampons Ski Boot Crampons

As a ski specific shop, we always try to find crampons that have the best compatibility with touring boots. While many crampons may fit the ski boots, the Grivel selection we carry have been build specifically around ski boots and are the perfect fit with Alpine Touring, Gripwalk, WTR soles, and even Alpine soles. They are also lightweight and easily packable. They are a one size fits all system that is easy to dial in to the exact size you need.

The new Dynafit TLT 7 and Hoji boots require a special adaptor to be crampon compatibile. See product description for more details.

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