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Zipfit Gara Liner
Zipfit Gara Liner
Zipfit Gara Liner
Zipfit Gara Liner

Zipfit Gara Liner

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The Zip Fit Sven Coomer Gara is undeniably the finest and most functional inner-boot ever made.The spoiler plastic is laminated with thin leather and moulds perfectly to the cuff shaft for optimum sensitivity and control. The 2.5mm neoprene lining is the most comfortable, warm, supportive, sensitive, secure and durable of all lining materials.  The only foam padding used is high quality EVA Ultralon. The inner toe box is shearling wool-lined for additional warmth and comfort. As with all Zipfit liners, it features the exclusive thermally mouldable One Minute Fit© pre-packed volume moulding composite of granulated-cork and proprietary binders. This helps provide the optimum viscosity-and-density that self-moulds automatically and continuously to provide uncompromising comfort, warmth and support.

The Gara has less cork pre packed than other Zip Fit models, making it perfect for mid to high volume feet. Performance is the primary issue for every skier; the boots are every skier’s first and most important piece of equipment.  If the boots are uncomfortable or cold or unsupportive then performance is lost.  Therefore, the most funcional inner-boot is the most essential ingredient of every ski boot, the Zip Fit.

Gnomes Comments: Unlike other liners, Zipfits don't break down. They break in! Invest in a liner that will maximize your boots performance and comfort.


Performance Level:   5 6 7 8 9 10 

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Features & Specs

  • Neoprene Inner Lining: optimum comfort, insulation, and fit to the feet and legs
  • Custom Injection: three different points can be injected to optimize comfort and heel hold thanks to Zipfit's exclusive SpotFit injection. The OMfit never hardens or packs out.
  • Speed Lacing: extra support in order to cradle the leg and keep the ankle seated without having to overtighten buckles. This helps to increase stability and performance, gaining control that is independent of the outer shell.
  • Elastic Gusset and Leather Shield: extra warmth and protection against snow.
  • Insulation Foam Mid-Sole: best in class warmth and insulating capabilites.
  • Assymetrical Tongue and Snow Collar: balance support and comfort while tempering the transition of materials form the hard shell plastic to the leg.
  • Integral Power-Strap: wraps the tongue and the spoiler to the legs flexing action to help pevent shin bang. This leaves a flexible buffer between the shins and the cuff plastic.
  • Unique Spoiler Reinforcement: enhances the support and protection of the lower leg.
  • Leather Ankle Panels: conform to the shell heels and ankles for increased connection and power from the liner to the shell.
  • Open Lower Tongue Window: soft elastic Neoprene and OMfit cork composite provide total comfort and instep orthoric control/comfort.
  • Elastic Neoprene and Internal Wool: midfoot and toe wraps forefoot 180 degrees for a sock like fit that gives you the maximum comfort and warmth. This also gives the forefoot natural feel and movement to give you the best possible control and balance.


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