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Use our unique Ski Finder feature below to find the ski(s) that are best suited to your ability and the places you like to ski. Complete all the fields, hit ‘Find My Perfect Ski’ and your info will hit our inbox, ready for us to assess and get back to you with suggestions.

1 Technical Ability

Select One
Beginner: I won’t be uploading to social just yet
Intermediate: I look tidy on moderate trails but steeper gradients get the better of me
Advanced: I ski well in most conditions but tricky snow catches me out
Expert: I should be/was a ski instructor. Technically correct in all terrain, in all snow conditions

2 Experience

Select One
Limited: I'm really just starting out
So-so: I have skied at least one NZ season
Oodles: I have a few season passes to prove it
Colossal: These grey hairs can tell stories of the best pow days

3 Approach

On skis, are you timid as a kitten or fierce as a lion?
Select One
Cautious: I like to stay in one piece
Dabbler: When I’m feeling it, I’ll open it up
Lion Cub: I usually ski hard but it's nice to chill at times
Lion King: I'm adrenaline loaded and constantly crank high speed turns

4 Favourite Hangouts

Where do you like to strut your stuff? Select multiple.
North Island Resorts
South Island Resorts
The Clubbies
Nth America

5 Favourite Flavour

What type of terrain floats your boat?
Select One
Groomers: I love to hang out on prepared trails
50/50: I'll go off-piste if conditions are good but I'm just as happy on groomers
Freeride: I only ski on groomers for a warmup or if the snow is shockingly bad
Powder: These bad boys are for Japan, North America or those epic days in NZ
Backcountry: I'm looking for something lighter that I can mount with touring bindings

6 Specialist or All Rounder?

Will this be your only pair of skis?
Yes, this will be my only pair
No, I’m adding these to my quiver

7 Fat or Skinny?

Which waist widths are you considering?
Select One
70-85mm: On-trail carving
86-100mm: All-mountain
101-110mm: Freeride
111mm +: Powder

8 Retired Flotilla

What skis have you owned in the past?

9 Likes & Dislikes

What have you liked and/or disliked about your old skis?

10 Expectations

What traits are you expecting from your new sticks?

11 The Personal Stuff

Let us know a little more about you so we can be confident in finding your perfect ski.
Height (cm)
Weight (kg)

12 Hook Ups

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